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All doctors' offices adjusted the rules by using a general practitioner.

DR-Inland in Denmark

Thursday, May 30, 2024 • 11:30 AM UTC - in Denmark

The doctor was employed at Alles Doctor's House until January 2024.


'One should be able to rely on one's doctor'


Pensioner Helge Styrbro is one of the 1,900 residents of the harbor town Thyborøn, and he is also affiliated with the local medical practice. He is annoyed that the staffing has not been present.

- It's really negative, because we all have to be able to go to the doctor and expect that we can get some proper information when we go there. That's what we expect, says pensioner Helge Styrbro from Thyborøn, who is associated with the clinic.

Alles Doctor's House did not want to comment for DR News. They write to DR News that they do not recognize the criticism and that patient safety has not been threatened at the clinic in Thyborøn.

However, Alles Doctor's House rejects the criticism in emails to Region Midtjylland, as the general practitioner had the opportunity to call a backup doctor with the right specialty.


According to the agreement


§ 25 Temporary Staff Stk. 1.

A temporary doctor employed in general practice should, as a rule, be a specialist in general medicine, unless the doctor has the right to practice independently and has been a phase 2 amanuensis in the relevant clinic.

NOTE to § 25:

Temporary doctors without specialist recognition must be supervised by an owner doctor, who is a specialist in general medicine.

Source: Agreement on general practice (OK22)

Pensioner Lis Bundgaard tells that she has tried to be asked to sit in front of a screen to contact another doctor.

- They offered it to me once. I could have learned it. I said, I'm not interested in learning that.

- Why not?

- I don't think I could figure it out. It's strange, she says.

According to PLO, there is not much to argue about: There should be a specialist in general medicine on site.

- It's a requirement, and if one does not comply with it, it is, in my opinion, a serious breach of the agreement, says Jørgen Skadborg.

Jens Thygesen, who formally owns the clinic in Thyborøn, has resigned, and Region Midtjylland will take over the operation from September 1.

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