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About NewsHavn

I really hate living in a place where I don’t know what’s going on around me. What’s worrying people? What is everyone talking about these days? What’s the main theme in the next elections? Will my life change in any way in the near future?

It’s easy to fall into this expat bubble, where you simply stop caring about what’s going on around you.

As an expat in Denmark that doesn’t speak Danish, I’ve always wanted to know what’s in the headlines. It surely can’t be only in Portugal that people get mad at the government in coffee shops. So I decided to build NewsHavn.

NewsHavn collects articles from some of the main Danish newspapers, and uses an AI model to translate them into a language we can all understand. The project is 100% open source.

“But Duarte, the LLM can hallucinate! This is a horrible idea!”

You’re welcome to use Google Translate.