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Left-candidate withdraws after revelation of Russian connections.

DR-Inland in Denmark

Thursday, May 30, 2024 • 9:47 AM UTC - in Denmark

Venstre Candidate Drops Out After Revelation of Russian Ties

Venstre's Alexandra Sasha has withdrawn her candidacy for the European Parliament elections, she announced in a Facebook post.

Alexandra Sasha from Venstre has withdrawn her candidacy for the upcoming European Parliament elections, she wrote in a Facebook post.

- For weeks, I have been subjected to a smear campaign filled with false statements and unpleasant interpretations, which have been both physically and psychologically challenging, and I must now admit that I can no longer continue.

- Therefore, I am withdrawing my candidacy for the European Parliament elections, she begins her post.

The announcement comes after B.T. reported ( ) that Alexandra Sasha has been a board member of the European Russian Forum's youth organization. According to Russia expert Flemming Splidsboel, the forum is pro-Russian and pro-Putin, writes BT.

In her post, she denies being 'Putin's lackey':

- For a long time, I have been subjected to a series of misleading allegations that my campaign was financed by Russian money or state funds and that I am Putin's lackey.

- It doesn't fit, and it's extremely hard to endure. I have been subjected to threats, hate messages, racist statements, and extensive vandalism against my campaign. I have never hidden my roots, and I see it as a great advantage for our political debate, she continues in her post.

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