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Accused man in the Kirkerup case: I found Emilie Mengs' DNA in the nature by chance.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024 • 10:51 AM UTC - in Denmark

The accused man in the Kirkerup case: I found Emilie Mengs DNA in nature by chance

- It's the only logical explanation, he says about the DNA find.

The accused explains in court that he developed a habit of collecting things in boxes for sexual fantasies. 33 minutes ago

It was by chance that Emilie Mengs DNA was found at home with the accused in Kirkerup.

He explains this on Wednesday at the Court in Næstved, where the interrogation of the 33-year-old man continues.

According to the prosecution, the police have found a roll of tape, which with the greatest likelihood matches the DNA of the deceased girl.

According to the man, it was not unusual for him to collect things that he found in nature. He also believes that is why the tape ended up at his home.

- I don't remember where the tape is from, but I suspect it was from Borup.

The body of 17-year-old Emilie Meng was found near Borup on Christmas Day 2016.

- Why do you think you found the tape in Borup, asks special prosecutor Susanne Bluhm.

- Because there is DNA on the tape from Emilie. It's the only logical explanation.


Wanted relief


The prosecutor wants to know why he goes into collecting things in boxes.

- They are things collected for fantasy.

- Sexual fantasies?

- Yes.

- Why did you collect these things?

- It started quietly and calmly developing these sexual things, and at that time I started collecting some things.

He also had a box with him when he was out driving tours in his car, which he often did.

- It was to provide an outlet for my fantasies and desires, answers the accused.


Rejects DNA


He denies any knowledge of Emilie Meng. He denies ever having met her.

According to the prosecution, the police have also found Emilie Meng's cowboy pants, where the accused's DNA appears.

He does not understand it. He cannot explain why.

- No, I cannot accept that DNA. So no, I cannot.

The man is also charged with kidnapping and abduction of a 13-year-old girl and an overdose in Sorø.

He denies guilt in Emilie Meng's murder and the overdose in Sorø. But he admits to having accidentally bumped into the 13-year-old newspaper boy in Kirkerup and 27 hours of freedom deprivation.


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