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Here are the king and queen's new protections.

DR-Inland in Denmark

Thursday, May 30, 2024 • 12:24 PM UTC - in Denmark

The queen continues with 20 of her 81 protections.

Queen Margrethe will not relinquish all of her royal duties, even though she is no longer the head of state. (Photo: © Liselotte Sabroe, Ritzau Scanpix)

By Maja Lærke Maach ( [email protected] ) 30 minutes ago

King Frederik and Queen Mary have chosen their new protections, as well as the protections for the rest of the royal family have been distributed.

The king takes over 14 protections from Queen Margrethe and keeps eight of his former 33 protections.

According to the royal household, the protections aim to support initiatives that promote Danish culture, science and the arts, protect our nature, serve as a voice for the vulnerable and marginalized in our society, and bring us together in small and large communities.


Fewer protections in the future


The number of protections in the royal family will decrease from 258 to 140. Something new is that protections will only last for five years, after which the organizations can apply for an extension.

The king will be the protector of Nordatlantisk Hus in Odense and Koltursplanen on the Faroe Islands, Danish Architecture Center, The Brain Prize and LĂ©onie Sonnings Music Prize and The Copenhagen Climate Ministerial.

Queen's protections include Danske Hospitalsklovne and WeShelter. She also takes over The Royal Danish Music Conservatory, Kræftens Bekæmpelse and Diakonissestiftelsen from Queen Margrethe. Queen Margrethe keeps 20 of her 81 protections, according to the royal household.

- The continued protections are primarily organizations and institutions within the arts, history and archaeology world, it states in the message from the royal household.


Princess Marie takes over from the king and the queen


Prince Joachim continues with 25 of his current protections, with a focus on "cultural heritage, Sønderjylland and the military."

His wife, Princess Marie, continues with her 13 current protections. She has also agreed to become the protector of Prins Henriks Skole and the organization Stop Spild af Mad. Additionally, she takes over the protection for Kokkelandsholdet from Prince Joachim.

King Frederik's protection for the Ordblindeforeningen and Queen's protection for Hjernesagen will become Princess Marie's.

- Princess Benedikte continues her engagement in the field of riding, scouting and parasports as the protector for 25 of her current protections, it is stated in the message from the royal household.

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