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Birthe Kjær and Kato are to draw guests to the EU-people's meeting.

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Thursday, May 30, 2024 • 9:54 AM UTC - in Politics

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Birthe Kjær and Kato to Host Guests at EU People's Meeting


European People's Meeting in Mariager to be More Popular this Year, Says Director.

Birthe Kjær, Kato, and TooManyLeftHands will supplement the government delegation and EU candidates to the European People's Meeting in Mariager. (Photo: © Helle Arensbak/Ritzau Scanpix)

By Mads Mostrup Jensen ( [email protected] ) 0 mins ago

Despite being only two years old, European People's Meeting in Mariager has already had an eventful existence.

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The debut in 2022 was held in English without the name 'Political Festival of Europe,' which in no way attracted the masses to the fjord town.

The organizers canceled the event in 2023 to focus fully on 2024, and this year it is to be. NOW EU is on the agenda.


Government Delegation Arrives


The man in charge is managing director Jens Rohde, a former Danish parliamentarian for the Liberals, The Radicals, and the Christian Democrats, and he believes in a breakthrough for the people's meeting, where all debates now take place in Danish.

Mr. Weyse from the TV2 series Badehotellet is also coming to the European People's Meeting. (Photo: © press photo)

- We have created a program with a sea of Danish politicians. The entire government delegation and more than 30 EU Parliament candidates come and debate, tells Jens Rohde, who aims to make the EU theme as accessible as possible:

- When we discuss agriculture, green transition, and security policy, the audience has the opportunity to ask questions of those on stage. It's about involving the participants.


Kato and Mr. Weyse


But the voters have other things to look forward to than politicians.


> If they can say that they became a little wiser about the EU, and maybe found out who they will vote for, that's all good.

> Jens Rohde, managing director, European People's Meeting

After Friday's debate between EU election candidates on Store Scene, there is a concert with Birthe Kjær, and during the people's meeting, you can also experience Shu-bi-dua 2.0, DJ Kato, and Mr. Weyse from Badehotellet in the guise of actor Jens Jacob Tychsen.

And Jens Rohde is indifferent if the people's meeting's attendees prefer Birthe Kjær over Christel Schaldemose.

- If people come for the music, they might take something else home. If they can say that they became a little wiser about the EU, and maybe found out who they will vote for, that's all good, says the people's meeting director.

European People's Meeting in Mariager starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday evening.

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