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Free coffee, pastries or a glass of rosé? Sustainable tourists and locals should be rewarded in Copenhagen.

DR-Inland in Denmark

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 • 8:00 AM UTC - in Denmark

Born or arrive by bike and get a free coffee or a glass of rosé. Or what about collecting trash or weeding in the kitchen garden and getting a free breakfast?

Twenty-four attractions and eateries in Copenhagen are now part of a collaboration, where tourists and locals are rewarded for performing an eco-friendly action.

This can range from arriving at a place in an eco-friendly way or helping out with tasks such as removing waste.

The initiative is called CopenPay and is being carried out in partnership with the Copenhagen tourism organization Wonderful Copenhagen. So far, it is a pilot project running from July 15 to August 11.

> "If it's a success, we'll look into expanding CopenPay," says Rikke Holm Petersen, marketing director, Wonderful Copenhagen.

"We hope to see a positive change in behavior among the tourists who come here," says Rikke Holm Petersen, who is the communications and marketing director at Wonderful Copenhagen.

The organization primarily targets tourists, and the news may reach them before they even arrive.

International media such as BBC (), NBC News (), and The New York Times () are already reporting on the Danish initiative.

"We can see from the analyses we look at that many want to change their behavior, but few actually do," she says.


Twenty-four places with offers


Twenty-four partners are involved in the pilot project, which runs from July 15 to August 11.

Many places offer something cold to drink or a cup of coffee, while others offer entire meals.

A range of museums such as the National Museum, the Statens Museum for Kunst, and the Open-Air Museum offer anything from free ice to free activities. This can be done by bringing plastic waste or showing that you have used public transport to get there.

Folkehuset Absalon offers communal breakfasts if you have come by public transport or on foot, GoBoat offers a one-hour boat tour for the same, and Skurets Vinsalg offers one glass of rosé and rents petanque balls for you without requiring a deposit.

See a map of all the offers here ().


Always trash to collect


One of the places involved in the pilot project is the Banegaarden dining area. Here, you can collect trash from Monday to Wednesday afternoons to get a free lunch.

You are given a bag, which you then fill with trash. Afterward, you can turn in the bag and receive a meal ticket, explains Ida Marie Banke André, who is a partner at Banegaarden.

- It's important for us to focus on the fact that it's important for us to save the environment from trash. We are surrounded by half a hectare of wild nature, and it's rare to find a green oasis in the city. We want to keep it that way, she says.

She hopes that both tourists and locals will show up to collect trash.

But shouldn't I clean up myself?

- Yes, and you can also believe us, we do it every day. We encourage you to take a walk in the area and collect trash, regardless of how many hands we use, there will still be trash to collect, she says.

She also hopes that the project will continue after the trial period.

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