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The ear doctor was responsible in Alles Doctor's Office.

DR-Inland in Denmark

Thursday, May 30, 2024 ‚ÄĘ 4:30 AM UTC - in Denmark

A ear-nose-throat doctor has been in charge at Alles Health Center in Thybor√łn for many weeks.

Approximately 10% of inquiries in a general practice concern ears, noses, or throats. (Photo: © Laura Uldahl Aggernæs - DR News) 23 minutes ago

It can be uncomfortable to know that your practicing doctor is not specialized in helping you.

However, this has been the case in large parts of 2023 at Alles Health Center in Thybor√łn.

Instead, there has been an ear-nose-throat doctor alone in the clinic.

- It's unacceptable and wrong, says Birgitte Kloster, who is from Thybor√łn and a patient at Alles Health Center.


> It's not satisfactory in any way

> Susanne Buch (SF)

And it's not just a matter of security - it's also a matter of patient safety.

The Danish Society for General Practice does not know the specific case, but they emphasize that it is important who one meets as a patient.

- An ear-nose-throat doctor cannot necessarily say anything about the moving apparatus or psychiatry. He hasn't been trained for that in his education, says Bolette Friderichsen, who is the chair of the Danish Society for General Practice.


Fear of incorrect treatment


When Region Midtjylland was informed of the situation in May 2023, they wrote to the Patient Safety Authority that it is concerning "to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment."

Region Midtjylland is also taking action against Alles Health Center, which confirms that an ear-nose-throat doctor has been self-employed in the clinic for 13 of the first 35 weeks of the year.

Susanne Buch is pleased that Region Midtjylland will soon take over the clinic in Thybor√łn. In this way, they can manage the staffing themselves. (Photo: ¬© Anders Davidsen - DR News)

It appears from a series of emails that DR has obtained sight of.

- It's not satisfactory in any way. We believe it's completely clear that it's a general practitioner who has the responsibility, but it wasn't that way at all, says Susanne Buch (SF), who is the chair of the committee for close health offers in Region Midtjylland.

The ear-nose-throat doctor continued his work in the clinic until January 5, 2024.


Alles Health Center receives criticism


Alles Health Center has come under scrutiny, after DR's Contact has criticized the healthcare conglomerate in several programs. ( )

At the clinic in Thybor√łn, several patients reported, among other things, about very changing doctors.

- We haven't had a permanent doctor for several years, said Per Adamsen in the Contact program.

Simultaneously, a health inspection report from 2022 shows that the clinic had 28 locum tenens doctors attached to it at the time.

Nevertheless, it is still an ear-nose-throat doctor who, for many weeks, has been the permanent figure.

- He doesn't have the education to take on that responsibility, evaluates Birgitte Kloster.

Alles Health Center has not wanted to comment on the matter.

They write to DR News that they do not recognize the criticism and that patient safety has not been threatened at the clinic in Thybor√łn.

In emails to Region Midtjylland, they dismiss the criticism by stating that the ear-nose-throat doctor had the opportunity to call a backup doctor with the right specialty.

However, that is not enough, says the Danish Society for General Practice.

- One must know the patient and be present to practice general medicine, which is a profession where continuity and relationship have great significance for the right treatment, says Bolette Friderichsen.

Jens Thygesen, who formally owns the clinic in Thybor√łn, has resigned, and Region Midtjylland will take over management from September 1, 2024.

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