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Feast in Gråsten, when the royal couple upheld grandma's tradition.

DR-Inland in Denmark

Tuesday, July 09, 2024 ‚ÄĘ 6:43 PM UTC - in Denmark

Indland ()

King Frederik and Queen Mary visited S√łnderjylland for the first time as a royal couple to enjoy the summer at Gr√•sten Castle.

The weather allowed them to go to Gråsten Castle, and many followed in their footsteps. 30 minutes ago

It is not guaranteed that a son will uphold his mother's traditions. He can go his own way. So when Queen Margrethe passed on the throne, it caused concerned whispers among the mayor of S√łnderborg Commune.

In the commune lies Gråsten Castle as a white pearl in the borderland. A place that both the queen's mother and grandmother have made frequent use of to take holidays and gather the family.

Crown Prince Frederik (in red) on summer vacation with his grandmother, Queen Ingrid, at Gråsten Castle. In the picture, Pavlos and Nicholas of Greece, as well as Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, are also present, who are all brothers of the current king. (Photo: © Willy Lund, Scanpix Denmark)

The strong connection between the royal family and the South Jutland town has given both the town and the border region great value, according to the mayor.

Today, the royal couple could confirm that this tradition, at least for now, will not disappear, as they arrived at Gråsten, where they will spend the summer.

From the town square, they went via Slotsgade towards their summer residence, while their crown car could quietly follow them in the good weather.

Many had gathered to welcome them with flags.

[Image 1/4:¬†King Frederik and Queen Mary arrive at Gr√•sten Square, where they are welcomed by S√łnderborg's mayor Erik Lauritzen (S) and flower girl Cathrine Staugaard Jepsen. (Photo:¬†¬©¬†Bo Amstrup, Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix)]

[Image 1/4: The queen received gifts from the many present. Even with flowers, flags, and a painting in her arms, it was still possible to shake hands. In the background, the old town hall can be seen. (Photo: © Bo Amstrup, Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix)]

[Image 2/4: The tour continued up Slotsgade, as the name suggests, guiding them on the right path. (Photo: © Bo Amstrup, Ritzau Scanpix)]

[Image 3/4: The king and queen were accompanied by the many present. Some wanted to capture the moment with a video or a picture, while others just enjoyed the moment. (Photo: © Bo Amstrup, Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix)]

[Image 4/4]

Queen Margrethe has spent countless summers at the castle, which she has called her summer home, and the castle is, according to the royal household, also made available to the queen, even though her son is now king and has formally taken over.

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